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3 Easy Valentine’s Day Hair Styles To Do At Home

As romantic as the day dedicated to lovers can be, there’s a lot of thought and planning that goes with it. Where are we going to dinner? Am I supposed to get them anything? What am I going to wear? How am I going to do my hair? While we don’t have answers to all your […]

Haircare Solutions that Will Get Your Fine Hair Looking Voluminous

Having fine hair has its shares of ups and downs. On one hand, it is lower maintenance than thick hair. It dries faster, it doesn’t knot as easily and those with fine hair don’t have to worry too much about humidity. On the other hand, people with fine hair often wish they had the voluminous […]

What Natural, Clean Beauty Really Means

Natural, clean beauty. For some, that might mean a fresh, no makeup look. But today, cosmetic companies and those that are passionate about looking their best are taking it a step further. Many cosmetic and skin care companies sell beauty products with ingredients that are potentially harmful to the environment, the skin and the body. […]

The Best Kept Secrets on Keeping Your Curly Hair Looking Its Best

Many are envious of a curly head of hair. The delicate ringlets give off a romantic look and let’s not forget the volume curls provide. But curly hair also comes with some downsides. It tends to frizz more than other hair types and it is also weaker than straight hair making it more prone to […]

The Many Ways Argan Oil Can Benefit Your Hair

Sometimes it seems as if the world is plotting against your hair. Environmental elements, styling products, and just natural aging can cause damage that can make hair look dull, frizzy, and lifeless. Fortunately, nature provides a secret weapon that makes it possible for you to fight back. Argan oil. Argan oil is a plant oil […]

Five Great Hair Trends for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season coming up we all want to look our best. There will be plenty of parties and events scheduled so many of us will be shopping for the latest fashions and getting an updated hairstyle to stay on top of the latest trends. If you are wondering which hairstyle will work best […]

What You Can Do to Turn Up the Volume on Your Fine Hair

Thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, straight hair. It seems as if every type of hair comes with its share of challenges and pitfalls. Thin hair can be especially problematic. Beyond having hair that looks lifeless, people with thin hair also have to deal with flyaways,  excess oil build-up, and more. Having thin hair can […]

The Best Natural Hair Care Products for Men, he didn’t know he needed

Let’s face it. When it comes to hair care, most men just don’t care! I mean, sure there are some men with longer hair who may go to great, ahem, lengths to keep their locks looking their best, but most men will just run some product through it and cut it off when it’s not […]

The Best Argan Oil Conditioners to Go With Your Shampoo

Those that are up on developments in the beauty industry have probably noticed that the face of hair care has been changing over the years. Products are now customized so you can purchase ones that will best suit your needs. Whether you need something to keep your color intact, tame that frizz or nourish those […]

Five Tips for Caring for Your Color Treated Hair

Caring for color-treated hair shouldn’t be impossible. Those of us who have color-treated hair (and these days that means almost all of us!) know how it is. You just invested a good part of your paycheck on your hair and it looks terrific. But in time, the color begins to fade and may even take […]

How Argan Oil can help fight the signs of aging.

For years, men and women have been searching for the fountain of youth when it comes to maintaining their appearances. Considerable amounts of money have been spent on cosmetics products that promise to reverse the signs of aging. Interestingly enough, a little-known nut from the Mediterranean climate of Morocco – Argan Oil fights aging. Although […]

Does Argan Oil Help Hair Growth?

Does Argan Oil Help Hair Growth? We would all love a miracle elixir that once ingested or applied, instantly would we see our hair sprout and grow like a runaway beanstalk from one of our beloved childhood stories. We all love a nice healthy head of hair, who doesn’t? While not all of us necessarily […]

The Benefits of Argan Oil for hair!

In today’s world, we often look to nature for the health benefits many of its resources provide. Argan oil is a natural product that is becoming well known for how it can improve well-being and work as an essential beauty aid. So what are the Benefits of Argan Oil? Read on to find out more […]

Why You Should Incorporate Argan Oil Shampoo into Your Routine

The right shampoo is an important part of your beauty routine. A good shampoo can make your hair look great and make you feel more confident about yourself and your appearance. When trying to find the right shampoo, there are a couple of things you should ask yourself. You want to think about what you […]

What is Argan Oil?

Those of us who have used argan oil in our beauty routines may also refer to it as ‘liquid gold. The oil is produced from the nut of the Argan tree that grows in Southwestern Morocco. Local women hand crack the nut to extract kernels from its hard shell. The kernels are then ground into […]

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