Haircare Solutions that Will Get Your Fine Hair Looking Voluminous

Having fine hair has its shares of ups and downs. On one hand, it is lower maintenance than thick hair. It dries faster, it doesn’t knot as easily and those with fine hair don’t have to worry too much about humidity.

On the other hand, people with fine hair often wish they had the voluminous mane that comes with thicker hair. They may have trouble pulling off certain hairstyles and if fine hair gets oily…it could be devastating!

However, there are things people with thin hair can do to add volume while still enjoying the low maintenance their hair type provides. Read on to find out about some beauty secrets that will make your hair appear thick and full.

Get the Right Haircut: The right haircut can add volume to your hair. Shorter haircuts are recommended as longer cuts will weigh hair down making it look flat. Bobs are the height of fashion and a great way to give fine hair the fullness it needs. If you prefer long hair, add plenty of layers to give it some spring.

Condition, Then Shampoo: Conditioner’s thick texture makes it likely to stay in hair and make it oily. Oils will rob your hair of volume and, if you have fine hair, this can result in a very bad hair day. Prevent conditioner residue by conditioning hair and then shampooing it. The shampoo will wash out the conditioner and keep your hair oil free.

Tease Your Hair: This is a great way to add volume to your roots. Hold a section of your hair up and away from your head. Use a fine-tooth comb to comb the hair towards your scalp. Then use hairspray at the root of your hair. Continue doing this in small sections all over your head to get a sexy, fuller look.

Use Hair Care Products Recommended for Fine Hair: While people with fine hair may think it’s best to avoid any hair care product with the word oil in it, there are actually certain oils that will give hair optimal health and volume.

Argan oil, for example, is recommended because it does not weigh down hair or leave a greasy residue. It is also rich in antioxidants which boosts circulation and stimulates hair follicles to improve hair condition and texture.

Hemp seed oil is another oil that is recommended for fine hair. In addition to being light weight and rich in antioxidants, it also contains fatty acids that improve hair texture and stimulate growth.

If you are looking for haircare products that are rich in hemp seed oil and argan oil, the MKS eco brand is highly recommended.

MKS eco specializes in providing hemp based personal care products that are high quality and naturally derived. They use sustainable methods to manufacture products that are chemical and cruelty free. What’s more, they have a complete line of fine hair haircare products that feature a great Light Breeze scent including MKS eco Oil Light for Fine Hair, Hydrate Conditioner for Fine Hair, MKS eco X Leave in Treatment and Detangler, and Nourish Shampoo for Fine Hair.

If you have fine hair, don’t let it get you down. Small changes to your beauty routine will get you a look you will love. What secrets do you have for getting a sexy, voluminous mane?

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