What You Can Do to Turn Up the Volume on Your Fine Hair

Thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, straight hair. It seems as if every type of hair comes with its share of challenges and pitfalls. Thin hair can be especially problematic. Beyond having hair that looks lifeless, people with thin hair also have to deal with flyaways,  excess oil build-up, and more.

Having thin hair can be challenging, but there are things you can do to your hair to make it look fuller. Here are a few suggestions.

Get a Style that Works for You

The way you cut and style your hair can work wonders in helping you achieve a thick hair look. Experts recommend a shoulder-length cut as this creates a look of fullness. If you have curly hair, add layers to encourage the curls to become more voluminous. If you have straight hair, skip the layers as this can make hair look stringy.

Add Highlights

Highlights not only give your hair a contrast that makes it look fuller, but it also roughs up the cuticle giving it the ability to hold a voluminous style for longer. If you’re concerned about damage, opt for a plant-based product.

Backcomb hair at the Scalp

Backcombing your hair will help you get more height. Start by lifting hair into small sections and backcombing each section two or three times with a fine-tooth plastic comb. Lightly mist hair with MKS eco Finite Hairspray.  Then gently comb down the hair to smooth it out.

Add Extensions

Extensions are not only great for adding length, they can add volume too. To ensure your extensions look as natural as possible, take them to your hairstylist so he or she can help you trim them and match them to the color of your hair.

Use the Right Hair Care Products

There are many hair care products that are recommended for making thin, fine hair look fuller. Those with fine hair should take care to find products specifically designed to give hair volume as other types of products can weigh hair down making it look even thinner.

If you are looking for the best products to make your fine hair look more voluminous, MKS eco by Earthly Body is recommended.

MKS eco has a Fine Hair Collection of products specifically designed for the needs of thin, fine hair. These include Nourish Shampoo for Fine Hair, Hydrate Conditioner for Fine Hair, X Leave-in Treatment for Fine Hair, and Oil Light for Fine Hair. The products are formulated with argan oil and hemp seed oil to give hair the nourishment and moisture it needs without weighing it down and causing the scalp to overproduce oils that make hair look greasy.  Best of all, they come in an appealing fresh Light Breeze scent.

Fine, thin hair can be a drag, but if you know how to deal with it, you can work towards achieving the healthy beautiful hair you always dreamed of. The right cut, style, and products can help you get the look you are after. Find out what you can do to transform your hair and make for a whole new you. 

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